Our New Exterminator Guide

Look for a Green Pest Control Company  

When hiring an exterminator you should ask if they their chemicals are safe to use around your beloved pets, some chemichals are know to cause health problems if your pets get in touch with them, now adays there are many green products in the pest control industry, so you should ask if your exterminator company is using safe products for both your pets and your kids.

If you have a vegetable garden also make sure the exterminator company stays away from this area, since if you don't wash your vegetables completely some chemicals are known to cause some breathing problems to kids and old adults.

It is very important sometimes to go green, ask your pest contol company if they are using green products, since pesticides can be harmful for you.  Learn more about pesticides here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pesticide

Many of today's pest control companies are using green products today like Raleigh Pest Control Company , these new chemicals are very safe around kids and pets, through out history pesticides have been known to be very harmful but new techonology has emerged and now green chemicals are available.

Other exterminator companies are also using green chemichals, so the next time you need pest control services, ask if they can use green products for your pest problems.

How to get Rid of Termites

Termites can be very destructive, causing you thousands of dollars in home repairs, it's imperative to find out if you have a termite problem at your home at the first grance of any signs. Now adays modern exterminator companies use small stations burried underground around your home to protect and repel termites from entering your home. These stations are specially designed to feed termites and exterminate the colony.